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The Program

When eating correctly, your body naturally starts to regulate your hunger according to your energy needs. This leads to less eating and typically will see most people eat only twice a day and not at least three meals as has been promoted the past 50 years. We promote a 16-hour fasting window. This means, in time, you will typically skip one of your three daily meals as you are just not hungry. The benefits of fasting are many; decreases caloric intake to required levels, decreases blood glucose levels, decreases systemic high insulin levels, increases autophagy (the process of cell renewal) and allows for much more efficient fat burning/adaptation.

The program is as follows:

Pre-Learning - (Week 1)
Introduction to Basics. Theory of Low Carbohydrate Eating. Preparation for Change. Develop your plan. Book a doctor's visit. Lock in your commitment.
Carb Weaning - (Weeks 2&3)
Know what to eat. Deliverables | 1. You have successfully removed highly processed carbs from your life | 2. You are building on the habit of getting fertilizers into your diet on a daily basis | 3. You’re developing an awareness of how your body responds to different foods that you eat. | 4. You are firmly in the habit of planning, shopping, cooking and eating mostly real foods.
Fat Adaptation - (Weeks 4&5)
Know what to eat. Deliverables | 1. Successfully transition to only eating “slow carbs” | 2. Understanding and controlling hunger | 3. Become “Fat Adapted”
The Burn - (Weeks 6-11)
Know what to eat. Deliverables | 1. Intermittently Fast Successfully | 2. Exercise | 3. Build strong habits for success
Maintenance - Week 12 - infinity
Know what to eat. Deliverables | 1. Understand your body needs | 2. How to maintain the program on your own | 3. How to recover from eating sugar | 4. Commit to lifelong health

We follow a minimum of a 12 week process during which period we learn all the required knowledge and habits to maintain a healthy metabolic state.

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Nutritional Retreat
We are currently exploring options to present a retreat for those who really desire an immersive experience. If you are interested in joining a group at a venue for 5 days to learn about nutrition and kickstart your health journey, please enter your email below for more information on our plans to do a low carb retreat.

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