Understanding Ketones and Ketones Measurement

Shaun Waso
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Ever wondered what those ketones everyone’s talking about are? Understanding ketones and ketones measurement. Let’s break it down without all the scientific jargon.

The Three Cool Ketone Bodies

In the pic above, you’ve got three buddies: Acetoacetate, BHB, and Acetone. These guys play different roles in our body’s game.

1. Acetoacetate: This is the OG ketone. It’s like the basic version, the start of the ketone party. But guess what? It doesn’t get burned for fuel; it either transforms into BHB or Acetone. If it doesn’t transform, it gets peed out.

2. Acetone: Picture this as the wild one. It comes from Acetoacetate but can’t turn back. It just floats around, making your breath smell like nail polish. Why? Because too many ketones in the blood can be a bit much.

3. BHB (the Rockstar): This is the ketone we actually use as fuel. It can go back to Acetoacetate if there’s too much, but mostly, it’s the one our body loves to burn.

What Do These Ketones Do?

– Acetoacetate: Starts the party but doesn’t get to dance much.

– Acetone: The wild one that gives you “keto breath.”

– BHB: The rockstar we burn for energy.

Ketones, Glucose, or Fat?

Our body’s like a boss, managing switches and signals. It can burn glucose or fat, depending on what’s needed. It’s like a thermostat for blood glucose.

Special Switch Alert: When blood glucose hits 80 mg/dL, insulin is like “chill,” and glucagon starts working. This is vital – if your glucose is lower, you’re burning glucose, not ketones.

Measuring Ketones – The Lowdown

1. Urine Strips: These check Acetoacetate in your pee. It tells you what ketones you didn’t use but threw away.

2. Breath Meters: Measure Acetone – the wild one. It tells you what ketones you didn’t burn but breathed out.

3. Blood Test: Measures BHB – the rockstar. But remember, just because you have it doesn’t mean you’re burning it. It’s like having a ticket to a concert; it doesn’t mean you’re dancing.

What’s the Real Deal?

You can measure ketones, but it won’t tell you how efficiently your body’s burning them. If you’re a fat-burning champ, you’ll have fewer wasted ketones.

In a Nutshell:

– Measure ketones, sure, but understand what the numbers mean!

– High levels don’t always mean you’re in super ketosis.

– Low levels don’t mean you’re out of the ketosis game.

Bottom Line:

Use your ketone meter, but be smart about it!

This article has been adapted from a post by Dr Angela A Stanton, PhD. You can find the link to the original article and more detail HERE.

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