Insulin and Arterial Disease

Shaun Waso

The control of insulin is central to what I profess at 16-hrs For Life. Our aim is to turn every person into a fat burner by restricting carbohydrate intake. We can only minimize levels of insulin (the fat blocker) by decreasing our carb intake.

The benefits of a low carb approach to nutrition are many:

  1. Weight loss
  2. An increase in sustained daily energy
  3. Lower blood glucose levels and a
  4. The decrease in blood pressure
  5. Improved gut health

We achieve these benefits by controlling insulin levels by restricting carbohydrate intake.

Arterial Insulin Resistance?

Losing control over our blood glucose levels leads to type 2 diabetes for most people. Being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes puts a person at risk for:

  1. High Blood Pressure
  2. Cardio Vascular Disease
  3. Amputations
  4. Blindness

…and more

The diseases listed are all forms of arterial disease. So what causes the deterioration of our arterial health?
It seems INSULIN has a role to play. According to Science Daily, the impact of our blood vessel response to insulin is crucial. In studies done on mice, it seems blood vessels with a lower response to insulin were also prone to disease.

“The results provide definitive evidence that loss of insulin signalling in the endothelium, in the absence of competing systemic risk factors, accelerates atherosclerosis,” the researchers conclude.

The loss of signalling ability in our arteries is a type of insulin resistance. Insulin resistance in our livers, muscle and fat is well known by doctors and researchers. Arterial Insulin resistance is less well understood.

Protect your arteries

Protecting your arteries against disease is of vital importance to your health. As seen earlier, the diseases associated with unhealthy arteries are life-threatening.
The answer to healthy arteries is complicated. I do not profess to have the complete answer to healthy arteries. But there are actions you can take to protect your arteries.
Studies have shown insulin resistance appears when cells are overexposed to insulin. Give yourself the best possible chance of improving your arterial health. Decrease your carb intake to decrease insulin levels. Your arteries should, in time respond better to insulin signalling.
Improved insulin signalling will improve manifestations of arterial disease.

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