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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens once I paid?

We will contact you to start the onboarding process. Please note that the onboarding process for this program is personalised and not automated. 

You will be registered on our e-learning platform and enrolled on the Gold Membership option of Cronometer, the meal tracking application we use. You will also be invited to join our next group via Zoom, our online meeting platform.

Who will be in my group?

Your group will consist of like-minded people wanting the same as you: a healthier lifestyle. Every group we have had developed its own personality, adding to the enjoyment of the experience. Your facilitator will guide the group to be supportive and help to hold you accountable to your goals.

How many people are in a group?

We keep our groups small and not more than ten people. We want to spend enough time with each individual to get the maximum out of the facilitators’ guidance.

Are there any additional costs?

No. You only pay for the program. We do not have any additional charges, no supplements, replacement meals, or any other additional costs. 

Most participants start saving money as their grocery bill diminishes, and they stop spending money on supplements and chronic medication.

How can I fast if skipping a meal gives me a panic attack?

We teach you how to recognise and eat nutrient-dense food.

You won’t go hungry while you are transforming your health. Your hunger goes away as your gut grows healthier and you eat the right food. Your body responds miraculously to the wholesome foods you eat!

Only then will we introduce fasting. We will help you discover your fasting rhythm.

Fasting slows down ageing and promotes a healthier metabolism. When eating nutrient-dense foods, your body naturally follows a daily intermittent fasting rhythm. We will guide you to start fasting without hunger.

Is eating low-carb expensive?

Once a week, you have a video call with your team and assigned facilitator. This is when you can dive deeper into any issues you may have.

Sometimes other members ask questions you didn’t even think of, making these weekly calls invaluable to your success.

How do I sign up to the Cronometer App?

Once you have purchased the program, we will register you for the Gold Membership package on Cronometer. Cronometer sends you an email requesting you to accept 16-hrs For Life access to your profile. This happens after we have set up a personal profile for you using the information you supplied via the form you filled in.

Please look in your inbox for the invite directly from Cronometer. After finishing the sign-up via the Cronometer email, you can download the mobile app and sign onto the mobile app with the same email and password as your initial registration via the Cronometer email invitation.

Am I allowed to drink alcohol on the program?

Alcohol is a significant handbrake to weight loss. Although alcohol, as a substance, does not contain carbohydrates, it is very high in calories. We stay away from alcohol for two reasons.
1) When trying to lose weight, you should not consume empty calories – in other words, calories with no nutrient value. Alcohol has a high-calorie value and adds unnecessary calories.
2) Alcohol impairs our decision-making. When you use alcohol and are confronted with foods that are not on your healthy eating lists, it is much easier to give in and eat those foods. We are much less inhibited when we consume alcohol.

Is too much protein bad for you?

Protein is one of the most beneficial macronutrients to eat when you want to lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Eating a protein-rich diet instead of a diet rich in carbohydrates will lead to better appetite control, decreased cravings, and much more energy and vitality.

We will set the amount of protein you need to eat, which will be at a moderate level. You will never overeat protein with us guiding you.

Which carb replacement products should I buy when I'm on the program?

Many food products on supermarket shelves claim to be low-carb and sugar-free, but please be careful when buying packaged food. The best way to avoid hidden carbs and achieve success is to cook your own ‘real’ quality foods. When you do choose a product from the shelf, always check the ingredients and consider the carbohydrate content per 100 grams. Total carbohydrates should never be more than 5g/100g.

What is your advice to menopausal women wanting to follow this program?

During menopause, most women experience significant hormonal changes causing symptoms like hot flashes, mood changes, and poor sleep. Many say they struggle to lose weight more than ever before.

Studies show that a low-carb lifestyle can decrease insulin levels and improve hormonal imbalances, greatly benefiting women during menopause.

Our clients report weight loss and relief from menopause symptoms, but we recommend you first seek advice from a medical professional before signing up.

Will I have loose skin after losing weight on the program?

A rapid drop in body fat can result in saggy skin for some individuals. However, this depends on factors like how fast you dropped the weight (steady weight loss is better) and whether you are genetically disposed to having less elasticity in your skin.

The best way to prevent or limit loose skin from weight loss is to exercise and eat nutrient-rich, whole foods, including healthy fats.

What about cholesterol?

A rise in cholesterol when eating low-carb can be related to losing weight and levels should come back down once weight loss ceases. There are no major issues concerning serum-lipid changes and typical findings are stable LDL cholesterol levels, a decrease in triglycerides, and an increased HDL cholesterol.

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