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My health journey

To lose weight I decided to run an Ultra Marathon in 1999. Many months of intense training (1450 km of running) to complete the 90km Comrades Marathon did little to get me to my goal weight. I resigned myself to the “middle-age spread".

Fortunately, 8 years later I picked up a book by Prof Tim Noakes titled: Challenging Beliefs. The book had a chapter on how our overconsumption of sugar was the cause of weight gain and would ultimately lead to type 2 diabetes, especially for insulin-resistant people. I realised there was a good possibility I might be insulin resistant and immediately decided to follow his advice to cut out my carbohydrate consumption.

I rapidly lost weight and dramatically improved my overall health by cutting out carbs, intermittently fasting and doing some exercise. I have lost 24 kilograms, my Body Mass Index (BMI) is at 23 and I train when I feel like it because my body is self-regulating its weight. I also feel energised and know I will never pick up weight again.

The 16-hrs For Life program was developed as a result of my journey with low carb eating, helping friends, family and clients.

The 12-week program will help you dramatically improve your overall HEALTH, increase your ENERGY, lose WEIGHT, control your BLOOD GLUCOSE or normalise your BLOOD PRESSURE, to name a few.

Our bespoke 12-week program will help you take back control of your health. Incorporating wholesome nutrition, fasting, group support and a facilitator to mentor you to achieve the health outcomes you need. Guaranteed!

Shaun Waso
Founder: 16-hrs For Life